YRF & Vistaprint launch personalised merchandising platform
YRF & Vistaprint launch personalised merchandising platform
 02 September 2015

Yash Raj Films (YRF) and Vistaprint have joined hands to launch a first-of-its-kind personalised merchandising platform called Film-Me.
Users can add their own images and expressions on products, which will be designed using YRF’s movie library content. The platform is available on Vistaprint’s website, where users can get to the page directly through Vistaprint’s homepage.
Merchandising for movie content in itself is not a new idea but customised and personalised content instantly introduces a whole new dimension for the industry as well as consumers. So instead of simply having a generic T-shirt which just carries the Fan movie logo, (YRF’s next with Shah Rukh Khan), fans can now actually buy a T-shirt with their very own picture or name on it alongside the actor’s silhouette and movie logo in the background.
“This is definitely path-breaking We’ve all loved YRF movies, the characters and the dialogues but for the first time, as fans and movie buffs, you have the opportunity to literally bring all this content into your lives. You might not be able to get a selfie with your favorite superstar but can now have a poster with you and him/her in the same frame through our new platform, Film-Me. We are very excited about the possibilities this opens up to transform most-loved movie content into physical personalised products and look forward to offering a truly wow experience to all movie lovers and fans of YRF movies through Film-Me,” said Vistaprint India MD Nilesh Parwani.
YRF vice president marketing and merchandising Manan Mehta added, “The high degree of customisation that YRF and Vistaprint offer through this first of a kind personalised merchandising range is very different from what we have seen uptill now. Fans will find plenty to love about this collection and the products are sure to be a prized possession among hindi movie aficionados and YRF film lovers.”


Source: Indian Television

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