Production & Technology
Production & Technology
Q. What does producing a film in India require?

A. Firstly, you need to decide on a budget before you seek to shoot the film. Once you know how much you want to invest you can take the next step. Do consider an emergency fund when you are budgeting. Getting insurance can be a good idea.

Ask for permissions. To shoot a film in India you need Permission from the Ministry of Information & Broadcasting, for feature films and from the Ministry Of External Affairs for commercials, documentaries and music videos. Both Ministries are located in Delhi. This process varies from 2 weeks to 4 weeks depending on the kind of project and the content of what you are shooting in India. In most cases we are able to get this done in 7 working days for all projects, except for feature films, which will take about 3 weeks.

You will also need to look for accommodation, a crew, import your equipments or rent them in India. Having your own mode of transport can prove to be helpful. A combi van works well.

Are there any studios for creating 3D movies ? (India)

Yes. Below are a few studios listed for your reference.

DQ Entertainment

Prime Focus

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