Paramount Pictures to Launch First-Ever Virtual Reality Movie
Paramount Pictures to Launch First-Ever Virtual Reality Movie
 21 November 2017

Paramount Pictures is giving everyone a movie theater-like experience at home. To all those who have to think twice to go and watch an expensive movie at a cinema can now enjoy movies at home by putting a virtual reality (VR) headset.

The first movie to be shown in the specialized application will be Top Gun 3D, starring stud Tom Cruise. Paramount Pictures has teamed up with Bigscreen and made possible the launch of its first 3D movie with the help of several tech companies such as Facebook’s Oculus, HTC, Microsoft and Samsung, according to reports.

The company is planning to launch Top Gun in 3D on December 3. Tom Hayes, SVP New Media at Paramount says, “The movie studio is creating a virtual reality movie theater. This is a good example of what happens when you collaborate with Silicon Valley.”

In order to watch the movie, consumers regardless of any brand of VR headset have to sign on to and experience Top Gun 3D in what looks like a movie theater.

There will be trailers before the main movie, which will start with a new theater of viewers every 30 minutes. Visitors will be able to virtually walk into the VR location, pick a seat and chat with fellow attendees.

According to Deadline, if this new 3D project proves to be successful, Paramount will be scheduling Terminator as its next movie.

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