NFDC Unveils 18 Projects for Film Bazaar
NFDC Unveils 18 Projects for Film Bazaar
 27 October 2017

The National Film Development Corporation (NFDC) has unveiled a total of 18 projects selected for its Co-production Market at this year’s Film Bazaar, to be organised on the sidelines of the International Film Festival of India 2017, to be held in the city.

The entries are from India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Afghanistan, Canada and USA.

The projects include ‘Aamis’ (Voracious) – Assamese/ India, ‘Badhonhin’ (Free) – Bengali/ Bangladesh, ‘Chowsang On’ (The Little Monk) – Thai/ India, ‘Distant Teardrop’ – English/ India, ‘Holy Fire’ – Hindi/ India, ‘Laila Aur Satt Geet’ (The Shepherdess and the Seven Songs) – Pahadi/ India, ‘A Lottery Ticket’ – Hindi/ India, ‘Mogulmari Tales’ – Bengali/ India, ‘Mukti’ (The Gift) – Bengali, Hindi/ India, ‘Nasir’ – Tamil/ India, ‘Ommi’ – Bengali, English/ Bangladesh, ‘Omniyam’ – Hindi/ India, ‘Permanent Resident’ – English, Hindi, Punjabi/ Canada, India, ‘Pina Vaasam’ (Scent of a dead body) – Tamil/ Sri Lanka, ‘Postman’ –  Dari/ Afghanistan, ‘Spirogyra’ – Malayalam/ India, ‘The Whole-Timers’ – Nepali/ Nepal, ‘Uljhan’ (The Knot) – Hindi/ India, USA.

The NFDC has maintained that after the success of Open Pitch 2016, this year again the selected filmmakers will be pitching their projects to a curated audience of national and international producers, financiers and sales agents.

Film Bazaar, which has already completed 10 years of its existence, also features sections such as Screenwriters Lab, Children’s Screenwriters Lab, Producers Lab, Viewing Room and Industry Screenings.

The Film Bazaar will be held at the Goa Marriott Resort, Panaji from November 20 to 24.

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