Film Bazaar – The Movie Market to Open Today
Film Bazaar – The Movie Market to Open Today
 21 November 2017

Film Bazaar, the annual 4-day event organised by the National Film Development Corporation, and held in the city on the sidelines of the International Film Festival of India, has an interesting line-up of film personalities, including noted directors, participating in various sessions under its Knowledge Series. It will also introduce various Indian states that are promoting their locations for film shooting.

The opening session of this series will begin on November 21 with the ‘Open Pitch’ which will have the head of the development and production for NFDC, Urmi Juvekar in participation. The opening day will also have other sessions namely ‘A Rendezvous with your Lunch Hosts – Uttar Pradesh’, ‘The Sales Pitch – Meet the Sales Agents’, ‘Funds and Public Funds – Focus India, Asia’, ‘Integrating Instagram and Facebook – Community Building Solutions for Indie Films’, ‘Meet the Hosts – Telangana’ and ‘The Indian Indie – Down the Years – Curation, Art House Showcasing, Outreach and Distribution’ which will see the participation of the former curator of  MoMA Laurence Kardish and renowned filmmaker Sudhir Mishra.

On November 22, ‘Film Bazaar Recommends’ will be curated by the festival programmer Deepti D’Cunha. Later in the day, sessions like ‘Designing the Long Running Format – Challenges of the Web Writing Universe’, ‘Passion for Cinema – Making, Showcasing, Promoting and Distributing that Passion Project’, ‘Meet the Hosts – Lakshadweep’, and ‘Celebrating the Asian Indie’ will be held under the Knowledge Series.

n November 23, sessions like ‘Film Bazaar Recommends – 2’, ‘Innovative Outreach and Monetisation Opportunities for Indie Filmed Content’, ‘Designing the Festival Kit’, ‘Film Festivals and Markets – Exploring Audiences and Business and Outreach Opportunities’, ‘Day Dream with Google’ and ‘Showcasing Cinema of the North East – From Indie to Industry’ will be organised for the participants.

The last day at the Knowledge Series will begin with a session on ‘VOD Platforms – Challenges and Solutions in the Next Growth Phase’, which will see the participation of filmmaker Rohan Sippy, CEO of Vista India Suri Gopalan, head of content operations, YouTube India Satya Raghavan, and director of digital distribution initiatives of The Film Collaborative David Averbach. Later in the day, sessions such as ‘The Business of Film Technology’, ‘The Ease of Filming in India with Film Facilitation Office’, ‘The Business of Content – Ownership Vs Work for Hire’, and ‘From Free Downloads to the Biggest Revenue Generators for an Indie Film – the YouTube Business Story’ would be held. ‘Artificial Intelligence and the Art of Content Creation’, the last session will bring down curtains on the Knowledge Series. It will see the participation of the founder and CEO of Greenlight Essentials Jack Zhang and Sudhir Mishra.

Film Bazaar, which has already completed 10 years of its existence, also features sections such as Screenwriters Lab, Children’s Screenwriters Lab, Producers Lab, Viewing Room and Industry Screenings.

Meanwhile, NFDC has unveiled a total of 18 projects selected for its Co-production Market at the Film Bazaar. The entries are from India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Afghanistan, Canada and USA.

The projects include ‘Aamis’ (Voracious) – Assamese/ India, ‘Badhonhin’ (Free) – Bengali/ Bangladesh, ‘Chowsang On’ (The Little Monk) – Thai/ India, ‘Distant Teardrop’ – English/ India, ‘Holy Fire’ – Hindi/ India, ‘Laila Aur Satt Geet’ (The Shepherdess and the Seven Songs) – Pahadi/ India, ‘A Lottery Ticket’ – Hindi/ India, ‘Mogulmari Tales’ – Bengali/ India, ‘Mukti’ (The Gift) – Bengali, Hindi/ India, ‘Nasir’ – Tamil/ India, ‘Ommi’ – Bengali, English/ Bangladesh, ‘Omniyam’ – Hindi/ India, ‘Permanent Resident’ – English, Hindi, Punjabi/ Canada, India, ‘Pina Vaasam’ (Scent of a dead body) – Tamil/ Sri Lanka, ‘Postman’ –  Dari/ Afghanistan, ‘Spirogyra’ – Malayalam/ India, ‘The Whole-Timers’ – Nepali/ Nepal, ‘Uljhan’ (The Knot) – Hindi/ India, USA.

The NFDC has maintained that after the success of Open Pitch 2016, this year again the selected filmmakers will be pitching their projects to a curated audience of national and international producers, financiers and sales agents.

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