7th India Film Project Festival to Engage 35000 Filmmakers
7th India Film Project Festival to Engage 35000 Filmmakers
 05 September 2017

Over 35,000 filmmakers are expected to get together to create over 1700 films as a part of the festival. There are also workshops, screenings and talks by experts from the film and digital entertainment industry at the festival.

The India Film Project festival is the only festival for filmmakers where they can create rather than just consume video content. The festival will also witness India’s first award for digital videos and content – Best of Digital Awards for which over 5500 nominations have been received under various award categories for the awards.

50 Hour Film-Making

  • This is India Film Project’s flagship competition where more than 35,000 filmmakers from over 300 cities across India and around the globe participate. Participants can register under categories - Professional Filmmaking, Amateur Filmmaking and Mobile Filmmaking. The theme for the contest is revealed at the beginning of the 50 hours. Teams are expected to script, shoot, edit and upload the films in the given time. Films are judged on the parameters like relevance to theme and genre, storyline, screenplay and technical aspects such as editing, cinematography and sound. The winning films will be screened at the end of the festival in addition to different festivals around the world.

Conversations at the Festival

  • India Film Project 2017 will host varied conversations on topics like taking kitchen to web, Taking Kitchen To Web, Music Taking Away The Traffic, How brands are infatuated to web, Shashank Khaitan, Gauri Shinde on Changing dynamics in the Bollywood industry, Millennials on the driver’s seat, conversation with Ashutosh Gowariker on content in Bollywood, ‘Only Much Lovable’ featuring entertainment professionals Tanmay Bhatt, Ajay Nair and Vijay Nair; ‘Everyone Struggles’ a conversation with renowned Indian mythology author Devdutt Pattanaik. Some other conversations would be ‘Television 3.0’ by Siddharth Jain and JD Majethia; and Saurabh Doshi discussing ‘Social Media at 24FPS’ and much more.

Commenting about the occasion, Ritam Bhatnagar, festival director, India Film Project said, “The India Film Project festival is getting bigger and better with participants and attendees from all over the world becoming a part of it. There are several platforms for content consumers but we have tried to create opportunity for content creators to interact, learn and network”. He adds, “With increased availability of mobile phones and internet, the way and amount of content people are creating and consuming has increased drastically. India Film Project aims to encourage people to tell stories through their camera”.

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